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Updated :6 March, 2015

CCTV solutions for Homes, Offices, Factory, Godown, Corridors.

Installation of Security Cameras to keep a watch on your assets. After a survey of your premises, considering the best  angles, design  and provide a complete solution for

Bullet Camera

Bullet type Cameras are mostly for outdoor  installation, They are Weather proof  so do get damaged in the sun and rain.

Available in Night Vision (IR - Infra Red Technology).

Dome Camera

Dome Type Cameras are made for indoor use and are economical .  Available in various resolutions and choice of only Day Vision or Day and Night Vision. (IR-) So you can see even if its dark at the site.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

DVR is the footage recorder for all the cameras. So you can always go back and see what  transpired in a  particular  past.

The recording depends on the Size on Hard Disk installed.

Watch your Office and Home from your Mobile.