All kinds of Computer Hardware Repairs, Service, Supplies, Assembling.

Solution for Computer Networking and Internet Sharing including Wifi.

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Updated :27 February, 2017

About our Services

All Services are provided at your office / Residence / site of work. In case of major Repairs, goods are carried out for technical repairs and replacements.

Data Recovery

Important data is often lost because of Dead computers, Windows-not-starting and Hard disk crash.

We take utmost care to recover your DATA from the bad hard disk. But it takes a while to comprehend the damage and ways to recover that data.

DATA recovery is possible from Desktop and Laptop Internal Hard disk, External drives, Pen drives, and memory cards.

Website Designing

Make your name ONLINE.  Create your online presence. Register a .com, .org, .info, .in, domain (web name)

Maintain a Website of your Business, profession or Personal info.

We can create a website with your info and within your budget.

Check out our Client’s websites for a hint of inspiration.

It is the cheapest way to advertise your products and services to the whole world.

Wifi extension at home and office.

The most common problem these days is the reach of Internet to the corner of your homes and offices.

        WWe offer services to extend the existing Internet connections to reach all nooks in your house and office. Thus elimination the need for extra connections and use of expensive mobile data.

           Commercial Routers and its controllers are also provided for Hotels, Restaurants and exhibitions.

 Thus we cover wifi extensively.

offer Free Wifi for

Better Business

For Homes and Offices

For Hotels and Restaurants

 Extended Reach

CCtv Cameras for Security

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