All kinds of Computer Hardware Repairs, Service, Supplies, Assembling.

Solution for Computer Networking and Internet Sharing including Wifi.

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Updated :27 February, 2017

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Repairs and Upgrades

Get your Problems Solved with our prompt services for  PCs and Laptops.

Get your existing computers upgraded at nominal costs. Only change the necessary parts and make your PC fast, instead of changing the whole set. Basically, Upgrade means changing the Motherboard, Processor and the RAM. Provided that your Hard disk and Cd/ DVD writer is compatible with the new board.

Networking Solutions

Get your  office or Home networked to inter-connect your computers to share files or use a common Internet connection.

Set restriction on your network to share files one-way or block it totally, still sharing your internet.

BLOCK SITES to save time and increase productivity. Often office Internet is misused and Bosses are irritated. We have a solution for the same.

Save your children from the Worst part of the Internet. Contact us.

Install WIFI in your Home / office on the existing Net connections.

Virus &  Malware Removal

Disinfect your PCs and make them work faster. Often computers are attacked by viruses or Malware and Adware, which slows down your PC and Internet work.

Advertisements keep popping up in  between your decent work. Browser is bombarded with vulgar and useless windows.

We Clean the viruses and install Anti virus so that the PC remains protected in future.

Customised Desktops

Either you are a Gaming freak or have heavy work load of Graphics designing. Branded PCs may not work for you. Get your Choice of Components and looks in your Perfect PC. We will suggest you the Components and you decide within your budget.

Customisation is  possible only for Desktop PC computers and not for Laptops, Mac-books and I-macs.

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